About the Me in Me-Made May

“I am ambitious, but it’s a long-range thing with me. I have my confidential sights on a star, but there’s half a lifetime to get to it. Meanwhile I keep my eyes open and am well dressed.”

– Grace Paley, from The Little Disturbances of Man



I’m a SWF getting used to living in the Sunshine State. A Capricorn who loves lasagna, the color red and long walks on the beach. What more do you need to know?? Well, perhaps since this is a sewing blog I should tell you that making clothing has been my constant love since I sat down at the age of 10 to break my mother’s machine for the very first time. It’s a glorified hobby I pushed to the greatest lengths, transplanting to New York City from my hometown in Utah to infiltrate the fashion industry. I learned the streets of the garment center until I could find everything from sequin spandex to 4 ply silk crepe with my eyes closed. I’ve traveled the globe to learn the intricacies of textile development for my day job. I’ve spent countless spare moments (I didn’t know I had) teaching my craft to any person curious and willing enough to learn.


Here and now I give you, dear reader, a little show and tell. The result of blood, sweat and tears in my Sewing Lair. Just me and what I can accomplish of my own. Just me and my machine, at work and at play.


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