That’s a wrap!


What an exciting Me Made May this has been!  What started with a conservative goal and a semi-neglected sewing blog ended with a full blown Instagram obsession, a shout-out from the founder of Me Made May herself, joining a social media movement, participating in a sew-along, surpassing my sewing goal by more than double, plus more adventures in between (including a dress swap with a sewist in the UK!).  I think I will go so far as saying it’s been life changing.  Or maybe it has planted some seeds that could change my life.

Let’s begin the recap with my sewing goal – to reduce my fabric stash by using up 3 to 5 selections on new projects.  This is the group I initially nominated, choosing 9 options (fabric + pattern project) so that I could flex between simpler or more complicated ideas as the month progressed:


I actually met the lower threshold of 3 fabrics within the first ten days of May, so I figured I would easily make it to 5, but I never expected I would make it to using 13 of them!!!  Shown here in their new place in my closet:


Some projects allowed me to use more than one fabric, so the tally went up a bit from that.  I also used up 4 zippers, 9 half spools of thread, 8 buttons and 5 hook & eye closures from my tool box.  But who am I kidding… I have to fess up… I bought 9 new patterns and 5 new fabrics. Sigh…. it’s those Memorial Day sales that pushed me over the edge!

Another indulgence was having my blog name woven into a custom clothing label by Dutch Label Shop. I got turned on to them by Allie J who I met on Instagram.  Yeah, I know,  my blog kinda sucks compared to hers.  Goals…



The second goal for Me Made May was to post my outfit of the day on Instagram when I wore my makes.  I cannot tell you how many awesome women I got to know!  There are two top things I learned from doing this:

1. There are so many awesome independent pattern publishers out there making really great designs and I ought to use more of them.

2. There is a really impressive roster of modern female sewists that also work in science, engineering, and IT!  I think this is a fascinating correlation because after spending much of my life working in female-centric industries (beauty and fashion) I have never encountered this before.

Which leads me to my next sewing adventure – testing a new pattern to vet for publication, made by one of these awesome women, Helen, who kindly accepted me for participation in the project.  I of course will be sharing more about that in an upcoming post.

Also on deck is a sew-along for June hosted by Curvy Sewing Collective which is a website/group that has been instrumental in many learnings this past year.  We will be making swimwear – a technical sewing & fitting challenge for me.  These are the fabrics I recently selected (who doesn’t love pineapples?!):


Looking back I am so pleased with how much I accomplished and experienced over the last 4 weeks, and even more since I started this blog a year ago.  A big thank you to everyone who has not only put up with my daily selfie parade on Facebook & Instagram but also offered genuine support and encouragement along the way.  XO!


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