Do It For The Kids Vol. 3

Here we are with a long awaited edition of Do It For The Kids. I love all the things I’ve made for little ones equally, but this is not an ordinary project, and it was of high sentimental value.  Personally I am not big on keepsakes, crafts, quilts, knitting and the like.  I’m strictly an apparel sewist but once in a while I’ve been known to deviate, though not for just anyone. It’s a bit of snobbery mixed with keen self-absorbed attention to my own wardrobe that keeps me focused, but if I have a weakness, it’s got something to do with kids.  So here I should introduce Graham and Eloise, pictured with kind permission from their mother Becky, one of my favorite people in the whole world.


With the addition of their father Mark, they became my adopted family after I moved to Florida not knowing a soul. I spent many Sundays lounging by their pool or being 5th wheel to many of their family adventures.  Even to this day I don’t feel I can ever truly match their kindness and generosity, or find people more sympathetic to the idiosyncrasies of life in SW Florida.  So when given the chance to do something for them, I was grateful and happy for the opportunity.

Mark had a grandmother who was prolific with just the sort of craft-making I usually avoid. I have to say though, that she was exceedingly talented and uniquely creative. Their family is in possession of several well loved items she made for Mark.  I was asked by Becky one day if I could take a look at one of them: a Tooth Fairy pillow that she was hoping could be specially altered to provide for Graham and  Eloise when they start losing their baby teeth.


Unfortunately I didn’t get the best “before” photo!  The last line of the poem not shown is “Or maybe three…”.  I cannot imagine spending the time to hand embroider this entire pillow as Mark’s grandmother did. I love that she even worked her initials on it to add a signature:


I was anxious to make the new pockets fit in the overall composition,  and practiced a few times before I got some stitches I was happy with for their names.



I used Google Images to upload a scan of the original fabric  and search the web for a similar pattern since my local shops didn’t yield anything inspiring. Luckily the lace trim was simple since I only needed a small amount. I had a few scraps left over from a previous project. The only issue was that the new fabrics were too clean and bright to sit well on the original pillow.


So I gave them a little bath in some leftover coffee…


…and voila! A little piece I could give back to Mark, Becky, Graham and Eloise for all the good they have done for me. Let’s just hope those two don’t loose a tooth at the same time and have to fight over it. Something tells me little Eloise would win, but the pillow might suffer for the cause!




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