Double Trouble

I made these dresses from BurdaStyle #125 Dart Dress. It is hands down my favorite dress pattern I have ever used. I made both of these a few years ago, and wore both last year for Me Made May ’15 and will wear again, of course. As if I wait for Me Made May to put them on!

One is in wool crepe in a lipstick rose color, fully lined in periwinkle silk habotai. I got both fabrics at a remnant sale at P&S fabrics in Chinatown NYC, on Broadway just south of Canal St. I heard a rumor they closed recently which makes me quite sad… Believe it or not the most expensive thing on this dress is the zipper! It’s a Riri zipper, which are made in Switzerland and believe me they are a very fine piece of mechanical engineering. It just feels so satisfying to zip up when I am getting dressed. It should feel that way for $18!





The second version is in a Robert Kauffman print on cotton poplin, which also came from P&S. I don’t think there is anything I’ve ever made that gets complimented more.




6 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. This style is so flattering – it really makes the most of your curves! Your finishing looks so exquisite! you are very talented. Wool crepe is delightful to work with, and so lovely to wear it must float around you!

    I am not a fan of back zips myself, I usually hide them on a side seam – it saves me jiggling around trying to pull up the zip!


  2. This is now on my to-sew list too! And coincidentally I just bought Robert Kaughlin poplin. I’m chuckling because I got it to make an Ashland Dress, but now and totally thinking of hijacking the fabric for this Burda pattern.

    The dress is beautiful and impeccably tailored. Great job.


    • Thank you so much! The great thing is that it’s actually really easy to alter, and not terribly time consuming to sew. It reminds me of some Roland Mouret designs, but more easy for every day.


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