Swiss Dots For Sundays

Here I am on the first day of Me Made May 2016 and all my plans for sartorial fabulousness have fallen through. I woke up feeling awful today, a bit under the weather. I don’t quite have it in me to get myself together for the outfit I’d planned. So thank goodness I made this fabulous 1940’s housedress to get me by instead!


This actually isn’t new. I made it several years ago and never pegged it for a blog feature. It’s old. It’s my bathrobe for crying out load. But it’s really pretty awesome. The swiss dot cotton has softened considerably but in its early days it had a lot of oomph…I had a lot of thoughts about Vivienne Leigh or Lucille Ball when I’d swish around in it. Now I just like it because it’s my housedress and I can frump around in something like this without actually, well, being frumpy.

I love the pattern envelop, too. I really think these two ladies belong on Pattern Behavior if they are not already.


This is the last project I made using the original machine on which I learned to sew. It was a very early 70’s Brother with a solid metal body, a workhorse motor (I can still hear the sound of if I close my eyes and think of it), and with a lustrous, bright coral enamel coating. I was home to visit my parents and needed something to do… the machine finally gave out a couple years later and now I only dream of finding another. Obviously I am a little sentimental about it, so this project has a kind of special quality to it, probably fitting after all to kick off MMM16.


4 thoughts on “Swiss Dots For Sundays

    • Thank you! Another good vintage lounge wear pattern is from Decades of Style called Kitchenette Pajamas. I made one around the same time and wore it out completely.


  1. What a glamourous house coat! Definitely, something to wear on a Sunday morning – the fabric is delightful.
    Your post has reminded me that I plan to make some elegant PJs – or such, for those days when you want to be comfortable but not be a ‘Waynette’ (harry Enfield’s side kick). – I have some beautiful fabric waiting.. just need to add it to the list!


    • Waynette! I love this new reference you’ve given me. You might want to check out the vintage reproduction pattern called Kitchenette Pajamas from Decades of Style. I made some around this same time and wore them out! I made one with the original long leg and a second one cut short which I wore often over my swimsuit on my way to the beach or pool.


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