I know y’all are on the edge of your seat for tomorrow to get here…

My pledge for 2016, without further ado:


So, how far along in my goal am I?  As of today I have used up 5 fabrics from my stash, and partially used a 6th since April 1st. Sounds impressive with a whole month to spare, right?? Except that I was naughty and bought more when I was in NYC a few weeks ago…


So, minus 5.5 from the stash plus a splurge on 2 brings us around to -3.5. It sounds totally impressive that I’ve still obtained entry level on my goal except that here is my actual fabric stash, folks:


Ok. I’ve heard there are worse. I’ve heard of that show, Hoarders. No one has told me I should be nominated to star on it so far. But seriously… sometimes I imagine the closet space I will need if they all become real garments in high circulation. All the hangers I will need!  The dry cleaning bill! Like, I didn’t mean to go down this road!

I wonder if I am going to become one of those people who never buy another article of new clothing for the rest of their life once they learn to sew, swearing off anything non-me-made like hardcore vegans swear off hamburgers and butter and honey. I’d have to get real good at making pants. Sigh… Since I can make my own underwear does that mean I have to learn to knit my own socks, too?? Ok, ok, ok. No need to get worked up.  One day at a time. Starting tomorrow!


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