Outer Where? Part 2

Welcome to another exciting edition of Outer Where?, a feature in which I blog about sewing projects I toiled over for many days but cannot wear since moving to Florida’s warm climate. 

Today’s feature is based on BurdaStyle’s downloadable Talea Coat pattern Talea #9301 . I’m not sure what the ins and outs are for pattern pricing,  but it never ceases to amaze me that this pattern is only 99 cents! It’s a whole lot of pattern expertise for not a lot of money… I would say it’s definitely not for those new to downloadable patterns.  I think it was 46 pages in total to piece together. You have to really want it!

Which I did of course. With that big, dramatic collar, what’s not to like?



I like to get a feeling when I wear it as if I’m Ingrid Bergman (super mysterious and romantic) or Meryl Streep in Kramer vs. Kramer (except less tall, blonde, thin and famous).


I made this from a double weave cotton in deep navy blue. The fabric has a beautiful sheen and is a refined option to classic gabardine or melton as in the BurdaStyle photo. 

I got the buttons at Pacific Trimming in NYC. I wanted something nautical but not overtly military like a brass crest shank. At the time I think I was cost sensitive to real horn buttons. At Pacific they sell decorative shanks that snap into different color or size options of plastic button discs. You can customize your own style.


The make is very labor intensive with many pieces and lots of top stitching. I do not know if I would put myself through it again! I also bound the inside seams with rust colored silk habotai, which made it more so…


It’s an odd thing to see these pics of projects I’ve already worn and loved a while. I really like documenting my makes as works in progress, or in their pristine states before their first time out. That’s how I’ve grown accustomed to seeing them.

What I wouldn’t give for a cool, rainy, New York City  day right now so I could wear her out…


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