Dreaming of Sewing, Sewing While Dreaming

Just before bed last night I read a blog post from The Daily Sew on how to refashion a button down that doesn’t fit right. http://www.thedailysew.com/2016/04/how-to-turn-a-too-tight-shirt-into-a-swingy-top/
I also caught on instagram that next week is Fashion Revolution Week, which is all about recycling, making, refashioning your clothes and promoting awareness of where your clothes come from.  Adding that to the pot, I also conjured up a mental inventory of my closet and came up with this shirt, an appropriate candidate for the project:


There’s not actually anything wrong with how it was. Except, the last time it ventured out of the closet I wore it with white jeans and light brown huarache sandals and someone in my office told me I looked like I was headed to a Santeria voodoo meetup. So, not a fashion success.

All of this marinated in my brain overnight and I kid you not, I actually dreamt I sewed the whole thing. Imagine my dismay this morning when I woke to realize I still had much work to do. For someone who is as averse to the seam ripper as I am (the only person I will do an alteration for is dear old mom and she’s 3,000 miles away), this was quite a shock!

Once that wore off, my excitement to make this was so great that I barely finished my breakfast before I ventured over to the sewing lair.  I’m not going to lie, I was so excited I didn’t even brush my teeth, and I made the whole thing while wearing my pj’s.

So, here I give you, in all my ungroomed glory, my newly refashioned Swingy Top, in white linen. Perfect for the season and ready not only for Fashion Revolution Week but also Me Made May!




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