Outer Where?

Today marked the return of that sunny, tropical, warm, cloudless, beachy Florida weather that thousands flock to every Spring and which I dread as a sign of things to come…long, sticky, sweltering, hot, wilting, miserable Summer in Southwest Florida. Yuck.

In protest I turned my AC down extra low tonight and decided to embark on the first in a group of posts showing off the coats I’ve made but never get to wear anymore.

Here we have a cuddly wool/cashmere melton that sat for a good two years in my fabric stash before I found its raison d’etre….Ha! As if any real seamstress out there would be impressed by a two year period of fabric purgatory. That’s like barely breaking the first sediment layer of the Earth’s outer crust relative to making progress in utilizing everything I’m hoarding in my sewing room.

I was initially desiring a coat similar to those in the 2012 Celine campaign shot by Jurgen Teller. Something about those shoulder pads and big 80’s sunglasses just called to me…


…and then BurdaStyle came out with this pattern later that year and it was a match made in creamy, dreamy cashmere heaven. Never mind the dry cleaning bill.


Anyway…not to brag but this is pretty much the most flawless notched collar lapel I’ve ever costructed. Just sayin’. In case anyone’s handing out prizes for this sort of thing.







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