Pants Optional

One of my running jokes this week is that I’m really looking forward to wearing pants more often when the month is over. It’s true they are a minority in my me-made wardrobe. Though it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve had some really simple ones I was happy with and wore out. I have the pair of shorts that I’m wearing today,  which I would file under “serviceable”. But the failures in the pants category have at times been epically ill-fitting and awkwardly constructed.  I predict I may always hover on the steep end of the learning curve. It just so much easier to go buy a pair, whether they fit flawlessly or not! Some people find the construction of a fly front alone gives them hives. For me it’s that they are so unforgiving. Every kink in the fit and construction is readily apparent, to an expert or layman, and if you mention you made them to anyone, they kind of look at you like, “Don’t worry girl, I know just the place to send you shopping and maybe we can find you a new hobby while we’re at it….”


In other news I have to say my tan is really coming along even with the SPF 50 I slather on every day…


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