One Cannot Survive on Red Alone

So I’ve mentioned that red is my favorite color a couple of times in the course of making this blog. I don’t necessarily think it’s a color everyone responds to when they see me wear it. And I’m not that into it come Summertime.  I kind of need a color detox after a while.  Enter: Yellow! I even got a yellow watermelon at the farmer’s market this week.


So for my last work day of Me Made May,  I had been saving The Big Finish Dress. The one that I love best,  the one that stops people in their tracks to ask “Where did you get that? Really? Can you make me one? No, yellow, just like that one!” It’s the one that makes me smile, the one that could elicit an entry in the J. Peterman Catalogue.


It’s a style popular in the 50’s, minus the girdle and petticoat. The whole front wraps around and ties in the back underneath,  like an apron, and the back wraps around on top and ties in the front like a robe. Some more common styles back in the day were called a “walk away dress” with the closure in the back instead of in the front like mine. With a contrast fabric for the underneath layer, a woman wearing it would “walk away” there would be this suprise element not seen from the front.

Mine is made from an interesting Italian cotton with a yellow/white space dye yarn. It’s kind of a more special thing than chambray.



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