T Minus 7 days, 1 hour, 23 minutes

So I have one week left to accomplish the last of my initial list of goals for Me Made May.  A week ago this seemed not likely to happen!  But I have to report that things are looking better after today’s progress.  Friday night I had a marathon session studying up on my pattern alterations so I could perfect a series of patterns to better fit my…ahem…chest. Bust. Rack. Whatever we’re calling it here. Braced with my news tasks and skills, I decided to first set about adjusting a commercial pattern I had sitting around,  since it would provide a little shortcut for practicing. I give you Vogue #V8772:


I mainly had to do the work on the front panel, which started like this:


And wound up like this:


Which in a half muslin sample kind of looks like this:


Which I was so excited to try on I hadn’t bothered to roll up my yoga mat before taking this picture.

Taking a photo of your muslin is a way to pick up on fitting problems you might not notice looking at yourself in the mirror normally (a.k.a. lying to yourself about how good you look after toiling away for hours and avoiding the truth). But you usually try to snap a more helpful photo than this, a human-pretzel trick of self-fitting (only to be attempted following a good bout of yoga stretches) where I have attempted to adjust the pins in my back dart while wearing the muslin (But why?? I ask myself now).



2 thoughts on “T Minus 7 days, 1 hour, 23 minutes

  1. This is awesome and this pattern alteration is so intimidating. Do you have any favorite fit books you looked up to do this?


    • I don’t have a favorite book. The first time I saw this done I think it was on http://www.coletterie.com
      I remember thinking it was a pretty straightforward explanation, possibly better than the reference I did use. I recall the blog post showed how to separate or redistribute the new dart uptake, which is a good idea since the dart you wind up with is quite big. The video tutorial I used didn’t cover this part of the process.

      What I followed is a class on http://www.craftsy.com called Adjust The Bust. The nice thing about the class is she goes over a number of things related to the F.B.A like moving the apex point in relation to the adjustments. She also demonstrates how to do it where there is no dart to begin with, how to work with an existing side seam dart and also how to adjust a princess seam pattern. Something she didn’t discuss was how to address a waistline princess dart, probably assuming if you’re doing an F.B.A you wouldn’t want them, but I do! So I just re-fit it in the muslin. The class also goes through all the same work involved in reducing the patterns for under B cup figures.


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