Seersucker Is For Summer

I’m not normally a seersucker kind of girl.  I’ve worked on developing enough of them in a former life until my eyes bled and I became thoroughly schooled in the nuances of color (antique white vs vintage white vs just regular white white…) and suckering (no that one’s too wrinkly,  this one’s too flat…can it be like that one? That’s the one’s just right…) and all the ways to wear them.  None of which happen to be a look I’m partial to… in a suit, a trouser, with madras or with espadrilles, with linen crew necks or pop collar Polo shirts…with everything but green eggs and ham.

But then I saw this seersucker at the tail end of last Summer and sewed it up in record time. I love the color combination and the space dyed warp yarns make my inner fabric geek excited because I have never seen one quite like this before.


And here I am wearing it as part of my standard Saturday uniform:



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