I’d Rather Be Sewing




So I went to St Petersburg, FL this weekend for a little bit of fun.  After snapping these pics on the bridge I was really starting to stress about my blog posts, being on day 4 since my last update.  Sewing has many discouraging pitfalls and one of the outcomes many seamstresses have is a secret stash of unfinished projects.  I got this feeling of dread that after making it strong through the midway point of the month I would begin to fall behind on my commitment. 

One of the most unanticipated parts of this project is how much time it would take to document it! Plus obsessively checking my view count,  sharing the posts on Facebook and Pinterest (where I also document the patterns I worked from in more detail)… I have to confess I’ve not made it close to goal#3 from my first post! I’m lucky if my brain can handle watching the online tutorials I’ve subscribed to at the end of the day so I can learn what I need for the pattern drafting. 

So, it was a more ambitious goal than I expexted, that’s for sure. And I am not sure where I will be or how I will feel at the end of the month.  I’m reminded of this recurring affirmation I had in my mind for a long time – it was after I took on my teaching job back in NYC. Balancing between my day job, life and teaching was plenty stressful, but it was also extremely rewarding.  As is often the case when one demand eclipses another, I often found myself acting in favor of my second job when faced with something I didn’t want to do….. a lousy date, a social obligation,  whatever it may be, I would often find myself saying, “I’d really rather be sewing. ”

I suppose that’s how I feel about this whole project – at the end of the day, I’d really rather obsess over the process than the outcome. Which is not to say it hasn’t been fun, but this work is something I do for myself. Though the goal of Me Made May is to share it as a phenomenon of social networking, it’s been an experience to find out how little this aspect of blogging makes my work feel as if it’s come full circle.

On that point, I will make a very poor segue to today’s outfit (ok I admit – it was yesterday’s outfit for a few hours, too). I probably have a little lingering appetite for all things girly from Friday’s outfit.  This dress has about 2
1/2 yards worth of circle skirt attached. It was a lot to manage when I made it, and it’s a lot to manage now! I had the top down on my car and surely made someone’s day when my dress came untucked from beneath me and blew up in my face while driving….. I sometimes think I’d like to put a crinoline underneath it to make it more full but after this adventure I am thinking that’s a hazard I won’t sign up for!




One thought on “I’d Rather Be Sewing

  1. I need to make more time for sewing again. I did a couple little projects earlier in the year. I have a pile of clothes that need to be mended or refashioned, a small stash of fabric here in NYC and an enormous stash at my parents’ houses in PA………FFS, my sewing machine is out on my desk and I spend my life occupying a small corner of the desk as a result. I knew I was signing up for this with Ironman training. But still, I miss the feeling you describe. And my boyfriend scolds me for not sewing curtains or hemming his pants despite promising to for months 😛


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