Joanie Redux, or I Do Too Wear Colors


This is obviously a variation on a theme…not unlike an easy uniform for everyday work. Sweater, skirt, flats (heels if I’m torturing myself); lather, rinse repeat.  This pattern however is probably my favorite pencil skirt ever – oddly enough one I’ve never made more than once, but I daydream of different versions frequently. 

I love this fabric too, or I should say I love this print. It’s one of my favorite things to put on when it’s finally spring time, and I can wear it with a lot of different color tops. In Florida there are only two seasons, Nice and Awful. So how else can a girl mark time in a climate that changes so slowly and only moderately?  By being old fashioned, that’s how. I put off wearing super colorful things until after Easter,  I don’t wear all white until Memorial Day. When I’m air conditioned to death in my office, I can wear almost anything despite the weather outside. So there comes a time in the season when I show up in something like this and everyone says “Wow I’ve never seen you wear that before!” Really,  they have just forgotten. It’s a nice trick.   It’s a bit of a frivolous endeavor but honestly I wouldn’t know what month it is without the ritual to repeat.


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