Come on already!

Sorry folks, the hair and make-up team didn’t make it in time for the photo shoot this morning.  I had places to be! You, dear reader, will have to excuse the poor photograph today out of a state of extreme impatience/excitement about a weekend away from the gulf coast.

Now that people in my life are catching on to my endeavor they ask, “What did you make today, Ashlee?” I couldn’t help being a smart ass today… “Well I didn’t knit my pantyhose!”

So here I am in NYC now….dirty, smelly, cluttered, wonderful New York.  I flew into LaGuardia in one of those tiny planes with just two seats on either side of the aisle. The sun was barely setting and as we descended the pilot took this big circuitous route past Coney Island,  Brooklyn skirting around Red Hook, then around the tip of Manhattan,  soaring directly above the city….I saw eight years of every moment I’d lived in the city viewed from above. The view was so clear I could see the lit up windows of the buidings, traffic lights, taxi cabs….all the way over Central Park, Harlem, the baseball stadium and a greater loop over Harts Island and the Steinway factory in Astoria before gliding down the runway to land. I won’t lie, I got a bit choked up! I’ve never had such a nice landing before. It wasn’t a homesick feeling but maybe more like seeing someone you adore so much that the happiness takes you off guard for a moment.



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