Sleevelessly In Love

What’s to say about this outfit? Not much, except that tonight I said to my friends, “Sorry ladies, happy hour is over! I have to go home and write my blog!”




I wore it with a floor length maxi skirt, which is a new addition to my Florida wardrobe. The only time I tried that look in New York I almost died getting down the subway stairs.

Speaking of NYC, if I write at all over the next 3 days it will be a dispatch from the city. I’m going there for an errand to the garment center. I need a new pincushion.

So this little top can be made in a version with full kimono sleeves. I’ve made a few of these now, but always this simpler little sleeveless number. I wish I’d photographed it this morning when it was less wrinkly and I was less inebriated…..oh well!  I bought the silk in a tiny little fabric store in Salt Lake City, Utah. I loved the print and bought the last yard and a half of it. It was overpriced but I coped with that fact, obviously! Sometimes you just fall helplessly in love. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen when I’m up in the garment center this weekend! I’m already up to my elbows in fabric I thought I couldn’t live without!


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