The Wonder Dress




This dress is like the enriched white flour of the apparel world. A basic wrap dress,  no embellishments,  made from matte jersey – wholly synthetic,  conveniently available, inexpensive,   hard to avoid if you want to. The Wonder Bread of fabrics. It’s balanced  between comfy stretchy and slinky drapey. It’s polyester so it’s indestructible,  doesn’t show wear and tear, can withstand any foibles in the laundry process. It’s boring to photograph because any detail gets lost, but it’s also magical for the same reason, the flatness absorbing all the light and making for a kind of camouflage.

You can wear this dress to look polished, on a day you feel quite a bit less than. It’s an anonymous dress,  the kind of thing that allows for blending in, letting your clothes take a back seat without looking careless.

I’ve worn this thing for years now on every occasion and kind of day – big meetings, funerals, cocktail parties, hot dates, oh shit I woke up late wtf am I gonna wear days (ahem…like today). I’ve forgotten I own it, worn it until I’ve been asked if I even own any other black dress. I was careless in the sewing as it was actually just a prototype to test the pattern but then I decided I was happy enough with it and never made another.

So it’s what I should call the Wonder Dress because it’s quite unremarkable at face value,  but manages to do something transformative whenever I put it on.


One thought on “The Wonder Dress

  1. I have a dress like this. I didn’t make it but I did score it on sale for $10, which is almost the next best thing. It’s starting to stretch out since it’s many years old. That makes me sad because finding a wrap dress pattern that fits as well sounds daunting!


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