Lesson #1 Casual Friday is for suckers.

Lesson #2 is that I am gonna have to get  up a whole lot earlier to be prepared for a selfie every morning.

One of the often bemoaned aspects of making your own clothing is that you covet the end product,  imagining it for so long in your mind as you commit the blood, sweat, tears and time to getting a project made, to only find in the end that all the effort doesn’t exactly add up to the fantasy you maintained all along.  At least not on the first take.
Photographing myself this morning dispelled many similar illusions.  Here I was all excited to be wearing the blouse I made myself and my killer leather skirt and I thought my hair was having this total Jerry Hall kind of moment…. and it’s kind of funny how one can dress in the day’s costume and settle into an attitude that the clothes grace you with in your mind.  Then you catch yourself a few hours later when your hair has gone frizzy, your shirt’s half un-tucked and wrinkled, your princess feet hurt in your uncomfortable shoes….
This blouse I’m wearing is my favorite color and made from one of my favorite fabrics (silk crinkle georgette, easy on the crinkle!), and it’s one of the first projects I made from a fabric I developed (yes, I did just admit to pilfering).  However, it’s got all sorts of fitting errors.  I was deeply disappointed when I first finished it.  Every time it’s worn I’m reminded it’s a fine example of reasons to work on the pattern drafting goals I laid out in my introductory post.
Yet here I am on my first day of Me-Made May and I could not be more happy to be wearing something of my own creation.  Because it wouldn’t exist if I didn’t, with all my experiences and learning moments and bad-ass moments rolled together.  So yeah, I do look awesome in my leather skirt and the shirt I made for myself and if I flip my hair over my shoulder on the way out the door I bet I look even more awesome than Jerry Hall. Who wants to be a 6 foot tall, skinny, blonde, super model who partied at Studio 54 and made babies with Mick Jagger when they could be more like me anyway???

One thought on “Lesson #1 Casual Friday is for suckers.

  1. Caitlin Moran once said,
    “When a woman says,
    ‘I have nothing to wear!’,
    what she really means is,
    ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.”

    And that’s true , right? At least for me it is. Anyways, another great post and read. You totally looked fabulous in here! xo


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